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China is one of the world’s biggest economies and continues to grow rapidly year on year. As Chinese businesses set their sights for expansion internationally, we have assisted our Chinese clients in their business expansions overseas, in particular in Singapore which is an important financial centre in Asia.

Our team includes lawyers who are fluent in Mandarin. Our familiarity of China’s complex cultural, business customs and practices greatly enhance our ability to communicate and work effectively with our Chinese clients.

In addition to providing legal support to China-based entities in Chinese court proceedings, we have represented Chinese and foreign parties in international arbitrations conducted at major arbitration institutions such as the SIAC, HKIAC, LCIA and ICC.

We also regularly collaborate with local counsel in mainland China as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan in representing Chinese businesses and high-network individuals.

We are not just legal technicians engaged to resolve legal issues for the firm’s clients. We are legal advisors of the firm’s Chinese clients as they internationalise their businesses.

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